Contact Lens Services

  • Fittings for contact lens wear (including new wearer fitting, insertion removal training and follow-ups, or refits for existing contact lens wearers)
  • Contact lens check appointments for yearly evaluation or problem visits
  • Soft contact lenses (planned-replacement)
  • Daily disposable lenses
  • Astigmatism correction/ toric lenses
  • Bifocal contacts (for correction of presbyopia)
  • Rigid Gas-Permeable (RGP) or hard lenses for standard spherical, astigmatism or bifocal.

Contact lenses are a medical device that are regulated by the FDA. Contact lens prescriptions expire every year, so annual visits are required to keep your eyes healthy and your contact lens prescription valid.

If you are an existing contact lens wearer, please wear your contacts to your contact lens related visit and bring your glasses. Contact lenses should be worn for at least an hour prior to your appointment to allow ample time for them to settle on the eye for proper evaluation during your visit.

*If you are a contact lens wearer and experience blurred vision, redness, pain, discharge or a foreign body sensation, remove your contact lenses immediately and contact the office to be seen.

Order Contact Lenses Online

Click to order your contact lens supply online and have it delivered to your home, work or to pick up in our office at your convenience.