Welcome to Village Eye Care Optical

The optical department at Village Eye Care provides a full spectrum of optical services to new and existing patients alike. With a large selection of frames for every budget, quality lens options, and exceptional service, Village Eye Care looks forward to assisting you in your eye care and eye wear needs. Walk-ins are welcome!

Quality Lenses Customized for your Vision Needs

Village Eye Care cares about the quality, precision and performance of your eye wear. This is why we partner with leading optical labs in the country to create glasses and eyewear that stand the test of time. With a wide variety of lens options including same day or next day single vision prescriptions, the newest in digital progressive lens designs, polarized lenses for sun, magnetic sun clips, Crizal antiglare treatments, blue light blocking lenses, Transitions and high index lens options, and lenses to improve color vision, we have the right fit for every patient’s needs.

    • Blue Light Filtering
    • Digital Progressive
    • Computer Progressive
    • Bifocal
    • Trifocal
    • Accommodative Lenses

    Quality Frames, Brand Names and Budget Lines

    Village Eye Care carries a wide variety of frames at various price points to suit each patient’s individual needs. With a large selection of kids, unisex, men’s, women’s, petite, safety, sun, semi-rimless, rimless/drill mount, and specialty frames, we are sure to have something for everyone!

    Did you know that most frames come in several different colors and sometimes even different sizes? We are happy to special order exactly what you want or need within the frame lines we carry. Every person is unique. What fits and looks best varies from person to person and we want you to not only see clearly, but love your eyewear! Proper frame fit is key to good comfort and quality optics, and our knowledgeable optical staff is here to assist you every step of the way.

    Village Eye Care strives to provide quality eyewear at affordable prices. In an effort to create value and consistent quality we offer Value Package frame and lens deals starting at $99, Multiple Pair discounts,  courtesy discounts for several insurance plans without vision plan benefits and more. 


    Vision Care Plans

    Village Eye Care is a proud provider for all VSP (Vision Service Plan) policies, and a variety of EyeMed plans for your eyeglass and contact lens vision benefits.  Please note that we are not a provider for all EyeMed vision care plans.  If you have Eyemed, please contact the office staff before scheduling your visit to ensure we participate in your specific EyeMed plan.

    Vision Care Plans and Medical Insurance coverage are separate entities. Most medical insurances cover routine eye care and medical eye examinations as part of your plan coverage. Separate Vision Care plans are purchased individually or offered by employers to supplement or replace medical insurance benefits. Vision Care plans provide discounts and benefits for routine eye examinations, contact lens examinations, contact lens supplies and prescription eyewear. Contact our office for more information about how your medical and/or routine vision care plans work, and what benefits you can receive through them.

    Our office also participates in Care Credit for payment of eyeglasses, contact lenses and examination fees. Please see an office associate to apply for your Care Credit account, and for additional details about using Care Credit in our facility. Terms and restrictions apply.

    Cleaning and Care Recommendations
    • Wet lenses with water or an approved, eyeglass cleaning spray and wipe lenses with a soft cotton or micro-fiber cloth until dry
    • Do not use paper products to wipe your lenses
    • Do not use Acetone or Ammonia based cleaners on your lenses
    • Do not wipe dry lenses – always wet lenses first to wash away any dirt or debris
    • Place glasses in complimentary case whenever they are not in use
    • When taking glasses off, do not place them “lenses down” on any surface
    • Use two hands to put on and take off your glasses, as removing them with one hand can cause damage to the frame and screws
    • Come in periodically (we recommend every 6-9 months) for an adjustment, inspection, new nose-pads (if needed) and a cleaning.  Preventative care for your glasses will help them last longer
    Optical Warranties
    • Glasses are custom-made medical devices. All sales are final.
    • Frame manufacturers, against defect or normal wear and tear, cover frames for 1 year. Under the manufacturer warranty, VEC will replace the exact frame, one time, within 1 year from the date of purchase. Frames that are broken or damaged due to negligence are not covered under the warranty.  
    • The lens manufacturers, against defect or normal wear and tear, cover lenses for 1 year. Under the manufacturer warranty, VEC will replace exact lenses with the same prescription, one time, within 1 year from the purchase date of the lenses (unless otherwise noted, some lens manufacturers offer 2 year warranties on certain lens treatments). Deep scratches, pitting or loss of coating from improper cleaning and handling of the lenses is not covered. Please note that lenses purchased without AR/scratch coating are not covered and will not be eligible for replacement under warranty beyond 90 days from the date of purchase.
    • The lab will re-make lenses, one time, at no cost for prescription changes made by the doctor, within 60 days of the original written prescription. Additional prescription changes within the 60 days will be re-made at half cost; the patient will be responsible for the balance. Any prescription changes after the 60 days will be at full cost to the patient.